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For the hospitality Industry, Appreci8 is the solution for realtime guest experiences, smart staff profiles, team performance and digitized payments. ...Unlike other solutions Appreci8 builds thriving communities by fostering appreciation.  The hospitality industry has undergone fundamental changes and disruptions over the last two decades. However, the hospitality industry is still in its infancy when it comes to digitization. We mainly see two reasons for this. One reason stems from the prevailing analog processes in the industry, and the other reason is the lack of interaction with Stakeholders. We see the urgent need for reshaping the industry by providing a community to better connect and interact, driven by appreciation and empowered by Artificial Intelligence, resulting in enhanced guest experiences, professionalization and staff management. With more than 250,000 employees and a GDP of 7.29 billion Swiss francs (2017), the hospitality industry is an extremely important market in Switzerland and thus for all European and North American countries as well. The sector has one of the highest founding and bankruptcy rates. The challenges for small and medium-sized businesses are also reflected in the falling number of hospitality establishments with up to nine employees. This was already the case before the pandemic hit and is getting worse with it. We believe “appreciation” is a key value for great work, great workplaces, and great customer experiences. This is true at the business level as well as at the individual level. Our driving purpose is to show and give appreciation in life for the good of all. Appreciation and mindfulness are virtues that are essential in our society. Appreciation builds on connection, contribution and recognition. The hospitality market is no exception when it comes to new and innovative solutions - the industry is ultimately serving the customers, and social communities are one of the main drivers of innovation. Hospitality technology is fragmented, expensive and resource-intensive. Social Communities like the hospitality plattform Appreci8, will have a profound impact on customers, staff and businesses. This will lead to more transparency and to an improved customer experience, quality of services and more successful business. Services like Appreci8 are increasingly important in the way hospitality businesses manage the services they provide to their customers and support their guest’s experiences. Customers like being appreciated as individuals based on their taste, requiring personalization to foster unique experiences.   Exploiting technology as an accelerator for the business, AI Technology will be at the core of the user experience, providing deeper insights about guests, staff and businesses. For the hospitality Industry, Appreci8 is the solution for real-time guest experiences, smart staff profiles, team performance and digitized payments. Unlike other solutions, Appreci8 builds thriving communities by fostering appreciation. We address current problems in the hospitality industry of business owners, staff and guests (Stakeholders). The Businesses are missing closed loop relationship between these Stakeholders. Recruiting of good Staff members is painful, tip Management is labor intensive and no harmonized real-time updates & benefits from business and staff are available to guests.     #hospitality #community #appreci8 www.appreci8.net marketing@appreci8.net

01 April 2021

01 October 2021

150,000.00 EUR

Artificial Intelligence for Kids - KI für Kids

Artificial Intelligence for Kids (KI für Kids): I design and conduct “Ein Lehrplan zur Ethik der Künstlichen Intelligenz” https://thingminds.ch/de/kik...ids/ --- Wie funktioniert „Künstliche Intelligenz“? Wie weiss mein Handy was ich als nächstes Wort tippen will? Und warum schlägt mir YouTube weitere interessante Filme vor? Das ist „Künstliche Intelligenz kurz KI“. Hast du dir schon einmal überlegt was KI ist und wie sie funktioniert? Man schätzt, dass bis 2022 auf dem Gebiet der KI 58 Millionen neue Arbeitsplätze entstehen. Deshalb ist es wichtig, dass du sowohl ein gewissenhafter Konsument als auch Designer von KI bist! Anhand von wenig Theorie, praktischen Beispielen, viel Spiel und „Herumpröbeln“ wirst du lernen was KI ist. Du wirst erkennen, dass KI nicht perfekt und allwissend ist. Weiter finden wir heraus, welche Folgen die KI für uns haben kann. Schlussendlich wirst du eine verbesserte Version von YouTube entwerfen.


Launch carbon-free products


Our Goal: In times of uncertainty we have decided to become proactive and react to the needs of the world. As engineers we set out to build a device t...hat will get oxygen into the blood of people. Unfortunately, the human body is not just like an air mattress, and simply pumping air in and out of your lung, be it because of inexperienced/overworked caregivers or a lack of the device’s capabilities, has shown to do more harm than good. The third area of the problem is quick and affordable manufacturing. Our Ventilator is designed to address all three of these problems. The level of control should be comparable to a professional device, realized with parts proven through their availability in the market rather than extensive and expensive medical testing. To further decrease cost, we came up with the idea to outsource the screen to another device, such as a phone or a computer. This allows for the screen to be located anywhere in the world. Qualified medical professionals can contribute from other countries and can look after more patients while staying safe themselves. We hope to be able to distribute the Ventilator on a “what you see fit basis” but no more than what the patient can afford. Parts cost are currently at USD 80 but are expected to be between USD 150 and USD 200 How: Currently we have produced a very rudimentary system (MK1) which will serve as a fallback system in case of failure of future versions. Another system, which will have the same functionalities of MK1 has been almost finished for an embedded System using the cheap but extraordinary powerful ESP32 Microcontroller. This system already includes the structural elements needed to realize almost all the functionalities of a professional device with the frameworks primary goal to stay flexible so that, as we learn more about the virus and treatment opportunities, new features can be added through over the air (OTA) updates. The Interface of the device has also been finished to large parts, but more help is needed to finish and test it What help we need: Please make sure to understand that we are a non-profit organization and most likely will not raise enough money to pay for your contribution. We are in search of experienced volunteer developers for embedded systems and web applications who can help to finish the ventilator software and implement testing routines and other best practices. We also need developers with proficiency in website development and database and server administration. Since developing a ventilator is not even half the challenge, we also need expert volunteers with the following professions: marketing specialists, fund raisers and fund accountants, acquisition and supply managers, distribution managers, legal specialists, project managers, human resource managers, intensive care specialists, medical academics with specialisation of lung mechanics, donors and patrons While many of these jobs will not be needed right away but fairly soon, we would like to have you on our contact list. If you think that you have a skill that you can contribute but is not on the list, chances are high that you can contribute somehow! You can either contact us here or at contact@ardenvent.com We look forward to hear from you.

2nd Round Investment for Photon

I am the Mentor and co-owner of Photon (https://thephoton.hu/) a digital agency platform, which connects photographers, video makers, graphic designer...s and video conference producers with corporates. We are going for the 2nd investment round, first was round (22.000 Euro) was done by Telenor. Photon has a stable and growing revenue (even in the current situation) and after Hungary just entered to the German market. We are looking for investment in the range of 250.000- 300.000 Euro for scaling up the operation. Please contact me for further information and find the attached oen pager.

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