Polis the city with infinite space and zero distance

Polis is the city with infinite space where people can have a face to face collaboration from a distance, as they were in the same place. This is than...ks to the VR helmet that captures the face of the user and projects it in a virtual reality environment. Where users collaborate.Hemosy is a VR helmet that covers the entirety of your head. In the inside there are sets of cameras and microphones that capture your face and project it as a 3D video in Polis. Please read more here: Hemosy Polis is a virtual reality platform designed to function an grow as a city, because cities grow by agglomeration, gathering resources, incentives to bring highly educated people  together. To learn from each other.1)People enrolled the university to get  high paying jobs, or open their own start up.2)This attracted  big corporation looking for specialized workers and specialized companies. This leads to lower cost for companies.3)This leads to high productivity and very high salaries and standard of living.4)This leads to more people moving to the city. That by now is a cluster, just like New York in 2000s.The cost of living on campus and obtaining a degree is too high for many students. It is putting them in significant debt and forcing others to avoid higher studies altogether. High paying jobs require higher education but the educational system of today was designed over 70 years ago. Cost of living in Zurich for 4 years: CHF 78,520. USA : US$41,950In 2018, HEPI published a report entitled “Where student fees go”. Cost analysis were performed on several UK University: “The figures suggest  most universities spend 55% to 60% on non-teaching related activities. The main sources of income: •Fees from University for use of Campus for research, collaboration and education. •Fees from non University entities to have access to the Campus E.g. tutors, Counsellors, start up coaches.    •Corporate sponsorship and On-Line advertisements •Fees from sales of digital goods: clothes, hairstyles. •Micro transactions Students pre-order the hardware through the institutions

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CFP- IoT Enabled Smart Environment Using Innovation in Data Science and Machine Learning

CFP- IoT Enabled Smart Environment Using Innovation in Data Science and Machine Learning


Solarcool provides an affordable off-grid refrigerating solution that uses clean energy. With this solution, we aim to reach the people in the last mi...le; areas with unreliable or no electricity as well as reduce emissions that are critical to achieving global climate goals.

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Advanced Borehole Mining Technology

We have developed a greener and faster way of reaching alluvial mineral seams. Faster returns on investment means a faster exit strategy for investors.... At present we have 4 gold mines in Indonesia wanting our technology with more mines opening up.We have proved the technology and videos and photos are available to investor/s.

31 March 2021

31 December 2021


Appreci8 - the vibrant platform for thriving hospitality communities

For the hospitality Industry, Appreci8 is the solution for realtime guest experiences, smart staff profiles, team performance and digitized payments. ...Unlike other solutions Appreci8 builds thriving communities by fostering appreciation.  The hospitality industry has undergone fundamental changes and disruptions over the last two decades. However, the hospitality industry is still in its infancy when it comes to digitization. We mainly see two reasons for this. One reason stems from the prevailing analog processes in the industry, and the other reason is the lack of interaction with Stakeholders. We see the urgent need for reshaping the industry by providing a community to better connect and interact, driven by appreciation and empowered by Artificial Intelligence, resulting in enhanced guest experiences, professionalization and staff management. With more than 250,000 employees and a GDP of 7.29 billion Swiss francs (2017), the hospitality industry is an extremely important market in Switzerland and thus for all European and North American countries as well. The sector has one of the highest founding and bankruptcy rates. The challenges for small and medium-sized businesses are also reflected in the falling number of hospitality establishments with up to nine employees. This was already the case before the pandemic hit and is getting worse with it. We believe “appreciation” is a key value for great work, great workplaces, and great customer experiences. This is true at the business level as well as at the individual level. Our driving purpose is to show and give appreciation in life for the good of all. Appreciation and mindfulness are virtues that are essential in our society. Appreciation builds on connection, contribution and recognition. The hospitality market is no exception when it comes to new and innovative solutions - the industry is ultimately serving the customers, and social communities are one of the main drivers of innovation. Hospitality technology is fragmented, expensive and resource-intensive. Social Communities like the hospitality plattform Appreci8, will have a profound impact on customers, staff and businesses. This will lead to more transparency and to an improved customer experience, quality of services and more successful business. Services like Appreci8 are increasingly important in the way hospitality businesses manage the services they provide to their customers and support their guest’s experiences. Customers like being appreciated as individuals based on their taste, requiring personalization to foster unique experiences.   Exploiting technology as an accelerator for the business, AI Technology will be at the core of the user experience, providing deeper insights about guests, staff and businesses. For the hospitality Industry, Appreci8 is the solution for real-time guest experiences, smart staff profiles, team performance and digitized payments. Unlike other solutions, Appreci8 builds thriving communities by fostering appreciation. We address current problems in the hospitality industry of business owners, staff and guests (Stakeholders). The Businesses are missing closed loop relationship between these Stakeholders. Recruiting of good Staff members is painful, tip Management is labor intensive and no harmonized real-time updates & benefits from business and staff are available to guests.     #hospitality #community #appreci8 www.appreci8.net marketing@appreci8.net

01 April 2021

01 October 2021

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