SaMD Platform

We an ISO13485 certified company building our SaMD platform based on the concept of universal data compatiblity and clinical registered solutions for disease groups. Basically, we take any type of IVD, Lab, Diagnostic, EHR and other patient input and provide benefit to their life's health journey.Our CTO has launched global platforms which handle > 2bn API calls per day, and our CMO comes from 20 years in the Medical Device field. This relfects our global ambition & DNA.After 3 years of developing our concept, building our team & platform, we are entering our commecialisation stage.We are self-funded and do not seek financing, but we do seek contacts with:- clinicians seeking an SaMD platform to register and launch their own digital health solution- academics seeking the same- medical distributors looking for a direct to consumer channel- experienced executives or investors who may wish to take an advisory role during our expansion- country distributors who have a proven track record of creating profitable ecommerce & app subscription based growth- medical based social media influencers with large audiences in medical nichesThank you for taking a look at our project.RichardYou can find us at

Mobile clinic with online doctor - Telemedicine

We are a startup based in Sweden. We are building a mobile clinic built inside a trailer for online-doctor consultation. All our mobile clinics are... equipped with digital medical equipment to share vitals(like heartbeat, lung auscultation, etc...) to online-doctors over the internet. Our customers call us and book the clinic, so that we drive the clinic to serve them at their closest. The clinic is also equipped with self-checkup solutions for general health checkup. This solution (trailer) is generic, meaning it can be used with any tele-doctor apps or with any other telemedicine projects (government projects or private projects) seamlessly.

01 May 2021

01 July 2021

50,000.00 EUR

Polis the city with infinite space and zero distance

Polis is the city with infinite space where people can have a face to face collaboration from a distance, as they were in the same place. This is than...ks to the VR helmet that captures the face of the user and projects it in a virtual reality environment. Where users collaborate.Hemosy is a VR helmet that covers the entirety of your head. In the inside there are sets of cameras and microphones that capture your face and project it as a 3D video in Polis. Please read more here: Hemosy Polis is a virtual reality platform designed to function an grow as a city, because cities grow by agglomeration, gathering resources, incentives to bring highly educated people together. To learn from each other.1)People enrolled the university to get high paying jobs, or open their own start up.2)This attracted big corporation looking for specialized workers and specialized companies. This leads to lower cost for companies.3)This leads to high productivity and very high salaries and standard of living.4)This leads to more people moving to the city. That by now is a cluster, just like New York in 2000s.The cost of living on campus and obtaining a degree is too high for many students. It is putting them in significant debt and forcing others to avoid higher studies altogether. High paying jobs require higher education but the educational system of today was designed over 70 years ago. Cost of living in Zurich for 4 years: CHF 78,520. USA : US$41,950In 2018, HEPI published a report entitled “Where student fees go”. Cost analysis were performed on several UK University: “The figures suggest most universities spend 55% to 60% on non-teaching related activities. The main sources of income: •Fees from University for use of Campus for research, collaboration and education. •Fees from non University entities to have access to the Campus E.g. tutors, Counsellors, start up coaches. •Corporate sponsorship and On-Line advertisements •Fees from sales of digital goods: clothes, hairstyles. •Micro transactions Students pre-order the hardware through the institutions

35,000.00 CHF

CFP- IoT Enabled Smart Environment Using Innovation in Data Science and Machine Learning

CFP- IoT Enabled Smart Environment Using Innovation in Data Science and Machine Learning


Solarcool provides an affordable off-grid refrigerating solution that uses clean energy. With this solution, we aim to reach the people in the last mi...le; areas with unreliable or no electricity as well as reduce emissions that are critical to achieving global climate goals.

300,000.00 USD

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